Hi, I'm Cristina Trujillo I am a professional website developer and business owner.

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Cristina Trujillo has been designing WordPress websites since 2010, her skill and expertise in web design combined with her leadership skills, administration experience make her uniquely skilled. Cristina is the mother of three boys ages 20, 8, and 3 years old, her youngest boys still live at home. It is Cristina Trujillo's children that drive her to build a successful business that will not only support her immediate family but generations yet to come. When she isn't working or studying Cristina loves spending time with family, hiking, and playing at the beach. A forever learner Cristina Trujillo is attending the University of San Deigo working towards her Masters in Healthcare Informatics, she received her Bachelors in Information Technology in 2019. As a sustainability-focused business owner, Cristina is also currently getting her certification in sustainability and zero waste from GreenEducation USA and San Jose State University. Cristina enjoys connecting with like-minded individuals who aim to make this world a better place. Cristina has always shared a deep connection to the environment. Ever Since she was little Cristina prefers the healing powers of the sun over modern medicine. Wearing hand-me-downs and secondhand clothing growing up; frugality is second nature for her, and you’ll find items in her closet that are at least ten years old. Cristina is a mother of two young boys and in her free time she enjoys hiking and enjoying the beauty nature has to offer.

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I enjoy playing with my kids, baking and making art together. Hiking and hanging at the beach, camping and enjoying nature.